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Published: 13th April 2010
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Up till now, globe-trotting Verizon Wireless customers might have felt a bit stymied by the limited world-roaming capacities of the CDMA network. Sure, you can use CDMA in other nations but if your schedule includes Europe, you're out of luck. But with the new RIM BlackBerry 8830 all of that changes as the dual-mode CDMA/GSM smart phone gives you liberty to make calls and receive email around of the Earth. In addition, it offers EV-DO support, multimedia capacities, and solid performance. The BlackBerry 8830 is available now thru direct sales channels and will most likely be generally available in retail stores beginning May twenty-eight. Pricing starts at $299.99 with a 2 year contract and after a $100 mail-in refund, and data plans begin at $64.99 for unlimited global e-mail with a U.S. Voice plan ( beginning at $39.99 ) and $69.99 for limitless worldwide email without a voice plan.

The RIM BlackBerry 8830 shares the same body style as its GSM-only cousin, the BlackBerry 8800, but trades in the all-black surrounding for an equally sleek silver. At 4.4 inches high by 2.6 inches wide by 0.5 inches deep and 4.7 oz, the 8830 is certainly slim but it's's also one of the bigger BlackBerrys we've seen of late. The broader and taller body makes it a little clumsy to use the 8830 as a telephone, but as we noted in our BlackBerry 8800 review, this is typical of full-QWERTY BlackBerrys as well as Pocket PC telephones and Treos.

sadly, the BlackBerry 8830 is hobbled by the same full-QWERTY keyboard that worried us on the BlackBerry 8800. The buttons are on the greasy side, and there's no spacing between the keys, which we missed. It isn't so bad we could not use the keyboard ; we just much prefer the ones found the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8703e.

eventually, the RIM BlackBerry 8830 World Edition includes a number of PIM tools for the business users, including a calendar, a tasks list, a note pad, an alarm, and a calculator. Of course, you can always download more applications.

Are you looking to Generate Your Unique Blackberry IMEI Unlock Code To Free Your telephone From Carrier Contract?

By inserting your Blackberry 8830 Unlock Codes, you can right away unlock your phonephone without sending your phonephone away from you. Now anybody can buy IMEI unlock codes who need to unlock their phonephone all alone and have no technical data.

Use your cell telephone with any GSM Carrier around the world.
save cash on wandering and international calls.
freedom to switch carriers without buying a new phonephone.
Storm no likelihood of causing damage to your telephone.
Increase the secondhand value of your telephone by 100%!
Run 2 SIM cards in one phonephone employing a dual SIM adapter.
no necessity to send your telephone away, remote unlock by code.

what is cell phone unlocking?

Most new cell telephones are programmed to only accept a SIM card from that carrier. By unlocking your telephone you remove this restriction and are able to use your phonephone with the carrier of your choosing. There are numerous methods to unlock a phonephone. Some need downloading software & connecting your phone to a PC. Our technique is'remote unlocking'. We are going to provide you with a pass code that is 100% unique to your telephone and will unlock you phone!

Why should you unlock your phone?

Unlocking your telephone won't change your reception or battery charge lifespan, nonetheless it will give you the power to use your phone with any GSM carrier. If you travel you can purchase a local SIM and avoid big rambling charges. You may also raise the second-hand value of your phone by unlocking it.

How does remote unlocking work?

every GSM cell telephone has a novel subsity unlock code. By giving me you IMEI number ( which is completely safe ) we are able to search for your code. Once you have the code you may simply enter the code into your phone and it will now be unlocked. That's's IT!!

Is it safe to unlock your phone?

Unlocking your telephone will not harm your telephone, nor will it void your warranty.

What if the code doesn't work?

usually ( more than 99% ) we can retrieve your code. In the rare event your code isn't found you'll be issued a refund with no worries. You could have your code inside twenty-four hours or a reimbursement will be issued.

Can you unlock any other Cingular or NEW ATT phones?

Yes. We can unlock any Cingular Blackberry, i.e. 8700C, 8100 Pearl, 7130C, etc.. We will be able to also unlock ANY Cingular GSM telephone including Treo, Razr V3, LG, Pantech, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many more. Contact us for details.

can you unlock telephones from any other carrier?

YES! We can unlock any T-Mobile telephone including Blackberry 8700G, 7105, 7100t, 7290 and
Pearl 8100. T-Mobile unlock codes are available

How do I unlock my Blackberry?

Below are the instructions to unlock your blackberry when you receive your unlock code from a reputed Unlock Blackberry 8830 Online service provider.

Insert any SIM card.
Go to Settings Menu and then Options.
Select advanced options and then sim Card.
Type MEPD using your Blackberry keyboard. ( you will not be able to see what you type )
Type MEP then [ALT] & then 2 on your Blackberry keyboard. ( you will not be in a position to see what you type )
You should be presented with a prompt
'Enter Network MEP Code'.
Enter the Unlock Code you purchased.
Press Enter ( you may use the track ball as well ).
Your BlackBerry is now unlocked.

Once your phone is unlocked, you presently have the liberty to switch carriers without needing to get a new telephone. You can save a lot of money on roaming and global call charges using your desired GSM Carrier, you can run 2 sim cards using twin sim adapter and ultimately double the second-hand value of your telephone - simply by unlocking it.

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